Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Late Night Musings

At the time it frustrates me and later on it sort of amuses me that when I'm upset about something (no matter how serious or trivial) and I am told to just relax how hard it can be to do just that. Then I try to get away so I can collect myself and people just want to keep talking while I'm thinking "Let me take my moment alone, please!! I feel like enough of a tool at the moment, so yeah . . . I'd like to hide now!"

As a friend of mine said, "We're wired how we're wired", so I guess we will all butt heads on ocassion as we each try to deal with things or help a situation along in the way we feel is best. But still . . .

And why is it we can so easily give advice but not receive the very same advice when it's given back to us? Or is that just me?

Then we ask God to "change me" so "I'm more like Jesus". Then when He uses various situations and people to point out the things that need changing, we act like a petulant child or think we're under enemy attack or something so as to avoid (fruitlessly, really) to allow the master Carpenter to smooth out the rough spots and soften jagged edges.

We humans are a crazy bunch if you think about, so full are we of contradictions and conflicting desires and the like. Yet knowing how all over the map we can be, God still sent His Son to die for each and every one of us and *then* raise Him from the dead so we could come into a real relationship with Him both now and for eternity.

Pretty awesome, no?

Now I really am going to go to bed. ;-)