Monday, October 29, 2007

'Bye, Little Snat*

My work day had started ordinarily enough. I was in the third month of my new job, still nervous as all get-out at the start of each day and somewhat less befuddled by the end and on my own as the woman I was filling in for had begun her year-long maternity leave.

This day in particular was gray and rainy, but it was not long before it took a right turn. Due to the beauty of the Internet, I was able to fill my husband in right away:

From: The Scribbler []
To: Mr. Scribbler []
Subject: question
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2005 11:02:13 -0600

Hey, you know, I was thinking - perhaps Phil would not be so crazy if he had another cat to play with. Say a cute little gray kitten. That my boss & one of the guys found in the storage bin. That's really tame. And cute. And needs a home or else he'll be a warehouse cat. Did I mention he purrs (or maybe it's a she - dunno!) like crazy??

Think about it and let me know asap - by mail or phone.

The Scribbler

Yes, a little gray cat was found in the warehouse of my work place. And it managed the amazing feat of purring and eating simultaneously. My husband was reluctant at first, as you can see from his reply:

From: Mr. Scribbler []
Sent: Friday, August 12, 2005 11:14 AM
Subject: RE: question


But seriously, I dunno, we should probably see if Phil will allow another cat about (hiss hiss swipe grrr, or mew?). Also there will be LOTS more kitty litter.

Yes, ever the practical sort, he was concerned about increased kitty litter (aka more litter box cleaning). But the little cat was cute, purred like a motorboat, and I could not shake the words of my boss who, in a phone conversation with his wife, said the little cat would have a good life as a warehouse cat. Not a great life, but a good one. Undeterred, I e-mailed my husband back:

From: The Scribbler []
To: Mr. Scribbler []
Subject: RE: question
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2005 11:20:25 -0600


I say lets give it a go.

I can bring him/her home tonight?

(It's not like this has never been done before.)


The Scribbler

He eventually came around to my awesome logic:

From: Mr. Scribbler []
Sent: Friday, August 12, 2005 11:36 AM
Subject: RE: question


And so we welcomed into our home a little gray cat who, after a day or so of various monikers, was named Penny. We soon learned she ate like a horse, had an affinity for pretty much anything going on in the kitchen, was a real snuggler and loved to play fetch with the ring from the milk jug. Penny also did an awesome impersonation of Linda Blair in “The Exorcist” the first time we put her in the cat carrier to take her to the vet.

And here we are, two years later, minus the little gray cat. She fought through a weird blood infection this summer only for us to discover (after three great weeks of her being her old self) she had liver problems which would require more tests and trips to the big city to maybe fix the problem. So last week we made the difficult decision to have her put down. And today was the day we said goodbye. (Needless to say, she was spoiled like crazy this weekend.)

(It is also . . . hard to try and sum up two years in a few words.)

As we drove home with the empty cat carrier, my husband commented on how odd this go-around of loss was. We've experienced some serious ones, he and I, with the loss of his brother almost 14 years ago and the loss of my grandmother and two uncles since then. No, this was a sadness at the passing of a furry little friend tempered by the knowledge we really did do the right thing.

So we're thankful for the time we had Penny who, by the way, did have a pretty great life.

*Snat -- a term used in my family as a substitute for 'cat'. Why, I have no idea.
ETA: The e-mails included in this entry are the actual e-mails exchanged by my husband and I on that day in August of '05 (with our e-mail addresses, obviously, being changed). Sometimes being a packrat is a good thing. ;-)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Relationships -- Take 'Em or Leave 'Em?

Ah, relationships. By many I am blessed and by some I am absolutely confounded. By some, it is both.

I'm blessed by my relationship with God. Blessed by His love, saving grace, and just by . . . Him! Though I'm confounded by it at times, too. I mean, how does the holy, omnipotent, omniscient Creator of the universe have the time for me? Why does He desire to spend time with me when I muck so many things up? And there are so many things He provides as well. It's mind-blowing, really. And life-altering.

I am blessed by my relationship with my husband. We've been married almost 13 years, have known each other for almost 15 and I know there are still things I don't know about him. This could be mainly because of one of two things: a) He doesn't tell me and b) I don't ask. Ha, ha! But seriously -- he's a treasure. I know I'm not always the best as a wife. Shoot, neither one of us is perfect, but I am amazed and what a good fit we are as a couple.

My familial relations bless/confound me (biological and marital). 'Nuff said there, I think.

Friendships are another tricky thing. There are people you think (either accurately or through some form of denial) you are 'in good standing with' only to find out you're not. Or those you think of as casual acquaintances only to discover in a crunch there's a stronger bond there. Then there are the friendships which have withstood ebbs and flows, fights, periods of silence and what-not and have been full of blessings received and given. What a treat!

No man is an island,
This I know to be true.
For God by His hand
Has given a precious gift through you.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Office Confessions

As my husband will quickly attest to, I am an avid fan of The Office. I enjoy the comedy, the writing, the characters, and the storylines. I frequent for quotes, interviews, and my share of spoilers. I have talked about it with friends who are fans. I have even (and I'm a bit . . . hesitant . . . to share this fact) read a good chunk of fan-authored fictional stories about the show. (I had to quit/dramatically cut back, however, as my own writing endeavours were suffering as a result.)

So I was pretty excited about the start of the show's fourth season. And I still am, two episodes in. What is sort of perplexing to me, however, is the number of crticisms I have read on-line about this new season. Things such as the hour-long format being too draggy; too much focus on Jim and Pam; potential bad acting; bad writing; Michael's antics being too over-the-top and so on.

You know, I don't even know for sure why this is bothering me. I mean, people are entitled to their opinions, right? I guess what bugs me about such comments is they have been leading me look to at the show with a critical eye I would not be looking through otherwise.


Time to toss another activity in the 'no longer do' pile.