Friday, October 5, 2007

Office Confessions

As my husband will quickly attest to, I am an avid fan of The Office. I enjoy the comedy, the writing, the characters, and the storylines. I frequent for quotes, interviews, and my share of spoilers. I have talked about it with friends who are fans. I have even (and I'm a bit . . . hesitant . . . to share this fact) read a good chunk of fan-authored fictional stories about the show. (I had to quit/dramatically cut back, however, as my own writing endeavours were suffering as a result.)

So I was pretty excited about the start of the show's fourth season. And I still am, two episodes in. What is sort of perplexing to me, however, is the number of crticisms I have read on-line about this new season. Things such as the hour-long format being too draggy; too much focus on Jim and Pam; potential bad acting; bad writing; Michael's antics being too over-the-top and so on.

You know, I don't even know for sure why this is bothering me. I mean, people are entitled to their opinions, right? I guess what bugs me about such comments is they have been leading me look to at the show with a critical eye I would not be looking through otherwise.


Time to toss another activity in the 'no longer do' pile.


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