Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some Favourite Things

So last year I bought The Best Life Diet by Bob Greene not only because I want to lose some weight, but also because I realize my husband and I need to change our overall eating habits. This book had some delicious looking recipes so I picked it up and finally began reading it a little while ago. So far, so good! I'm impatient to get to the 'lose body fat' part of it, but I appreciate Bob taking the time to lay a good foundation on how weight loss works and why 'slow and steady' is really the best way to go. And it really is about a lifestyle change.

Speaking of food, Mr. Scribbler and I have also enjoyed watching Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares (the bleeped American version) and Gordan Ramsey's other show, The F Word (the 'f' word being 'food', not the other one he is way too fond of). Mr. Scribbler enjoys the former in particular as it reminds him of the time he spent working in the restaurant business as a cook (and it is pretty entertaining). I like both shows as they are piquing my interest in cooking real food as I've become too much of a 'heat and go' cook myself. (If anyone has some good cookbook (or web recipe web sites) suggestions, let me know via the comments section!)

I've also been enjoying some discussions as of late with fellow Christians as to different doctrines, church programs, youth ministry, culture and the like. It is, for present lack of a better word, neat. And stimulating. It's not taking the place of faith -- it's helping firm up why behind my faith. Granted, some things are just not going to be known by us this side of heaven but God never told us to check the brains He gave us at the door, either.

What are some of your favourite things so far in '09?


Essay said...

So far my favorite things in 'O9 Apple Chai at Starbucks, Rachel Lucas' "demotivator" dog pics on her blog, taking walks with my psycho whippet/whatever dog, and discovering ways to prepare vegetables that I've never eaten before, like baby bok choy. That was so good, and it's Farmer's Market day today! *makes plans to get more baby bok choy*

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