Wednesday, September 22, 2010

5 Random Things About Me

Inspired by the lovely ladies at words 'n' whimsy and Musings of a writer-in-progess *and* because I am a) waiting for floors to dry and b) now without 'lunch out' plans, here are 5 random things about me:

1. I think I would actually love it if all the clothes my husband and I owned did not need to be ironed, ever.  In fact, my husband would probably love it too as he'd have more shirts to choose from at any given time.

2.  There is a part of me that would like to get up on the stage and make people laugh with the ease with which some others can, but another (and stronger, judging by how often I avoid it) part of me that is petrified of it at the same time.  I feel like a walking oxymoron . . .

3.  I still carry around too much regret over stuff I cannot change.

4.  Sometimes when I look around my house I wonder if x number of years down the road, I"ll end up on "Hoaders: Buried Alive" with little pop-up notes about how the production crew lost a member while setting up for filming.

5.  When I see people doing what they're supposed to be doing, what they were (if you will) made to do, it really does my heart good.  And it makes me smile.


DLCurran said...

Sometimes I worry about #4 as well... and that's when I pick a fight (albeit, a minor one) with the hubby and get back in 'cleaning' mode. It's especially good if he jumps on board because then it's 'getting-rid-of-stuff mode' too. :)

Essay said...
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Essay said...

Well darn, I saw that you posted a "things about me" list on Facebook, and was all set to parody it (as per usual)thinking it was another typical Facebook list. But it's not, it's serious, and thought provoking. *pouts* There goes all my fun for the evening.

Cinette said...

My husband is the hoarder. We have a two-car garage we haven't been able to park a vehicle in for over 5 years:-)

crosscribe said...

Debbie, my husband has been helping out with stuff, too, which is great! Plus I'd hate to throw out something of his that he needed/wanted to keep. (Within reason of course! lol!)

Oh, deleted comment -- what were you? Who were you from?

Sorry for ruining your fun, Shari. If I find a 'new' typical list, I'll fill it out just so I can read your parody 'cause they make me laugh.

Cinette, my mom is in the same boat -- my dad would keep everything. But Mom has a set system on moving stuff out of the house so Dad doesn't even miss it. On the plus side, he's particular about how farm yard and his shop look. ;-)