Monday, February 28, 2011

Rambling Along

It puzzles me sometimes how I can have so much to do, yet sabotage any effort to get things done.  It would be nice to explain it away with some sort of medical diagnosis or the like, but I think it simply boils down to my being disorganized and a tad lazy.  And (sometimes) it’s a matter of finding the right music to work to.  ;-)

And sometimes it is hard to take the writing advice of sitting one’s butt in the chair and to just start writing.  At such times quotes and clichés about writing and inspiration and the like don’t amount to much.  All you know is there is a blinking cursor in a blank document or a page full of scratched-out, half-erased words and the clock is ticking.  (No really, it is – I have to leave for my office job in an hour.) 

I’m glad God never looks at our lives as a blank document.  He knows exactly what is coming next.  He knows the ending from the beginning, the beginning from the end.  Every success, failure, mistake, right step and stumble – none of it comes as a shock to Him.  And that sort of boggles my mind on days where I grow frustrated and impatient with myself and even with those around me.  It also gives me hope.

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