Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Thousand ???

Sometimes . . . okay, many times . . . well, there are times when I wonder why God bothers with me at all. I mean, really. I can get myself stuck in a bad rut faster than you can say "Quit spinnin' your wheels!"; I have missed my share of oppurtunities to do the right thing and generally have made many, many messes.

Then I have those times when I'm working with the kids at my church or I'm working on a writing project or am out with my husband or doing any of a myriad of things and I know, I know I'm where I'm supposed to be with Him, doing what He wants me to do.

The trick, I'm thinking, is to carry the lessons I've learned in the past and keep on moving forward without constantly looking over my shoulder. When I honestly and humbly come before God, admitting to Him my screwups and ask for His forgiveness and His help to change, I need to trust and believe changes will happen.

I'm blessed to teach Sunday School with a wonderful lady at my church, and today she did the coolest demonstration of how completely our sins are erased from God's record. What she has done is have the kids write their sins on a piece of flash paper she purchased from a magic store. Then she set it on fire and, being flash paper, soon it was gone without a trace. No ashes. No smoke. No record at all of the sins recorded on it.

And that's how it is when we ask God to forgive us. Our wrongs are gone without a trace. So when the devil or other people or our own selves try to bring those things up again, we need to remind them and ourselves to God, it's as if we never did those things.

And that can put a lot of ??? to rest.

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