Sunday, November 4, 2007

Check This Out!

Have you ever talked about trying something new? Changing your habits, hobbies, or . . . something? (Wouldn't it have been cool if I had thought of another 'h' word?)

Well, some I know is doing more than talking about it. Every day for the next year, she is going to to so something new. You can follow her adventures here. (The link can also be found in the links section to the left -- it is "The Mysteries of Tomorrow".)

I am in the beginning stages of the annual National Novel Writing Month challenge and that, coupled with work, my write-a-novel correspondence course, and other what-nots have deemed November not a good month to join in on such a challenge. But I'm telling you, it is reminding me to quit talking about making changes and actually start taking some action.

Speaking of which, I have a word count to meet so I had better get cracking.

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