Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Don't Mind Me While I Prattle

From the Merriem-Webster dictionary:

Main Entry: 1 prat·tle
Pronunciation: \ˈpra-təl\
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): prat·tled; prat·tling \ˈprat-liŋ, ˈpra-təl-iŋ\
Etymology: Low German pratelen; akin to Middle Dutch praten to prate
Date: 1532
intransitive verb
1 : prate
2 : to utter or make meaningless sounds suggestive of the chatter of children : babble
transitive verb
: to say in an unaffected or childish manner

So consider yourself forewarned. ;-)

Any which way, there is, it seems, a lot of things going on in my life and around my life at the moment and sometimes it's all just plain overwhelming. How do I prioritize? What is the correct way to deal with some things? How much space do you allow for people to talk to the person you know who is *really* going through something serious while still seeking out the words of comfort and stuff you need? How do you ask for help when everyone else around you is as busy, if not busier, than you are at the moment?

What about when you're thinking you're just totally missing the boat with God? That all you come to Him with is a list of requests and complaints and uncertainties? When your faith feels more like the bottom of the Red Sea as the children of Israel crossed over it all those years ago than anything that will actually touch God and His provisions? What do you do when it feels like you have a thousand questions, but are scared to hear what the answers could be?

I know I often don't handle stressful situations well. I can get testy, crabby, overly-emotional, or (as when my husband and I moved into a new house) get sick. I try to push things down to deal with at a more appropriate time but that doesn't always work either. But, in retrospect, I can see signs of improvement in that so there is hope for more positive changes to be made.

Maybe I'm just tired and need some more sleep . . .

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