Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This 'n' That

For the first time in a few weeks, I think, I'm at home while my husband is out doing something!! This is exciting news, as due to this, that, and the other we've been spending more time together than usual. Now I don't mean that is a bad thing (spending more time together), but I came to the realization we do need time to refresh and recharge and such individually. Plus I can hover like all get-out when he's not feeling well so he gets some breathing space too. ;-)

Isn't it a good thing that we can never have too much 'together time' with God? Man, wouldn't that just suck if there was such a thing?

Person: "God, I've really been enjoying spending more time with You lately."

God: "Meh, I think I need some time to Myself - I'm feeling a little crowded."

Hello! So not God! (But so much us, eh? And usually when we want to go be schmucks or something.)

I bought an iMac this past weekend and I'm ridiculously excited to have found out how to expand the browser window. Amazing what a tutorial will do for a person. (Again, then why don't I read/study my Bible more??)

I'm also getting the itch to get going on my long-languishing novel again and work on 'the other blog' which has also been languishing for awhile.

Speaking of which . . .

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Andrea said...

Such gems I've been missing out on!!

You are so not God, and so us to need "me time." Every once in a while I realize just how good the Good News is! God could easily want me time, all the time, and would have every right to do so...yet He doesn't!