Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'm Over Here!!


We all want it and we all need it, I think, in some form or another. And it's a tricky thing to deal with when we a) realize that and b) don't get it.

And I'd pontificate (did I use that word correctly?) on it some more, but it's late, my bed is looking pretty dang comfy, and the cat could be gearing up to stalk me again or the computer mouse. (I'm hoping for the latter, but it's probably the former . . .)

Oh, hey -- something to talk about amongst yourselves: What do you do when you realize those in church leadership are human? That they will (and do!) make mistakes? And if you're in church leadership in some capacity or another and make a mistake, what do you do?

And why is Word Twist (thanks, Facebook . . . maybe) so *hard* for some and so easy for others?

Okay -- bed! Sleep!

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Very tricksy...very tricksy indeed! And where to draw the lines between what we need and what we selfishly crave...I suppose if we really knew how to lean on God, we wouldn't need it at all. Unfortunately, truly leaning on God isn't really one of my fortes. Things to keep working on (or, you know, asking God to help me with).