Thursday, December 27, 2007

Time Flies . . . Does Cake?

I technically have another 18 hours and 35 mintues (if I remember correctly -- or else it's 19 hours and 5 minutes) before I turn the big 3-6. Yup, I'm on what some would call the downward slope to the even bigger 4-0. No longer can I say I'm in my early thirties. It's now the mid-to-late thirties and I think I lost an important note or something along the way or else I would be feeling more prepared for this.

Such is how life seems at times, eh? It's happening, we're not ready, but on it goes none the less. %-P

Not that I'm really having issues with getting older or regretting things not done and even a few things that were done. I think it's more just me being in a contemplative mood as I look toward the new year and wonder what sorts of things are going to happen in '08.

Now I was feeling as if I should write something all profound and meaningful about getting older and making changes and what-not. But the facts of the matter are presently as follows:

#1. It's (as I type this) 11:18 PM where I live.

#2. I'm tired.

#3. I have these really great flannel sheets which make going to bed even more appealing in my sleepy state.

#4. Ramblings of a tired mind can be oft-regretted in the morning. Or revered for their awesome depths. Either way . . . it can be dicey at best.

So g'night. I'm too tired to pull my foot out of my mouth so I best not be creating an opportunity for it to get in there to begin with. ;-P

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