Saturday, May 28, 2011

Same Blog, New Location

Moving Boxesphoto © 2008 Susan | more info (via: Wylio)
My blog is moving!

As of May 30/11, I will be posting from This Time Around's new home at Word Press.   All the posts made to date here will remain, well, here.  I tried importing everything to Word Press, but some stuff looked a little whackadoodle and with having to set up Google Analytics afresh with the new location, I thought it made more sense to leave here what was set up and formatted for this location.

Please bear with me as I sort out working from a new blogging platform and I hope to see you over at Word Press on Monday!


Jamie said...

Excited about your new home!

crosscribe said...

Thanks Jamie! I am too! Even though I had a moment of O_o as I screwed up some HTML stuff, which for me meant reinstalling the theme and other stuff. :-p Live and learn . . .