Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Dude Returns

I returned to work on Friday from a lovely lunch with my older sister and her daughter, which in turn was preceded by a near-miss with a truck pulling a flatbed trailer, to receive a phone call from The Dude mentioned about two posts back.

I had just started freshening up my lipstick (Remarkaberry from Avon -- my favourite) when said telephone rang. "Hi, this is The Dude. I'd like to pick up x bags of product y." It was not the best day for such a request. Our plant had been running 24/7 to get some last-minutes shipments taken care of and I wasn't seeing how we could get some stuff together for someone else, much less The Dude.

So I told The Dude I would have to put him on hold for a minute. I then applied my lipstick, called my boss on the 2nd phone line and explained the situation, asking if I could tell The Dude "No." My boss, being more sensible than I am at times (hence, he's the boss) said I could patch The Dude through to his cell phone. The Boss had to explain Monday was not a good 'some day' to pick things up as it is Christmas Day and we're closed until the new year. The Dude is coming in the new year for his stuff.

I can wait.

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