Monday, August 27, 2007

Pets and Drivers and Bad Fan Fiction

Our little cat has been looking a little puffy for the past month or so. We didn't think much of it as she was still moving around okay and eating and such. Plus we had quite the stretch of hot weather so we thought it was somehow making her retain water or something. But on Wednesday she wasn't looking too hot. By Friday when we had her at the vet, we were wondering if we were going to have to have her put down. Not because she seemed to be suffering great deals of pain, mind you, but due to the huge $$ of treating a severely anemic cat with a raging blood infection. If we had done to date everything recommended to us, we'd be looking a bill of roughly $1000. It is a difficult decision many pet owners face, and we will not be the last to do so. Right now she's on a considerably more affordable oral antibiotic as, wonder of wonders, she started improving without costly medical intervention over the weekend.

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Now there are some drivers who are just stupid. Coming into the town where I live, there has been road construction going on for the past few weeks, meaning two lanes of traffic heading in has been reduced to one. Well this afternoon someone suicide passes! As in we're all in the right-hand lane and they passed us on the right-hand side! Yikes! I hoped they met a police officer and got a nice ticket. Not to be mean, but c'mon! But there are times when I have been incredibly impatient and made dumb driving decisions, so I can't say too much, I guess.

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I read fan fiction centered on the American version of The Office. (I highly recommend all stories by Cousin Mose, time4moxie and Wendy Blue over at Now some, like the aforementioned, are really well-written. But there are many fan fictions out there (in many categories) that need to quit doing something. Namely this: Realize that people can still breath when they kiss. There is no need to break the kiss because 'the need for oxygen became too great'. Unless, I suppose, the person has consumed a large plate of raw onions and garlic and the receiver of their kiss is trying not to choke on the fumes. Other than that, we have noses for a reason. Even fictional people get to use them.

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