Wednesday, August 15, 2007

So There I Was, Furiously Brushing My Teeth

Oh, I was mad when my husband came upstairs about an hour ago to ask me how my assignment was coming. He found out pretty quickly it was not going well at all as I shut off the computer and stomped (yes, I was feeling particularly mature) off to the bathroom to get ready for bed. Fan fiction is like crack, people! For procrastinators anyway . . .


Anyway, by the time I brushed, rinsed, scrubbed, rinsed again, and smoothed on some moisturizer (what does it mean to age gracefully, exactly?), I had decided Jim and Pam from The Office were not going to win and I was going to write my freaking letter. I dug through one of the piles still decorating the computer room, and found . . . squat. Remembering I had actually filed some stuff, I quickly found the letter I had written for my first course (and also in a time crunch if memory serves correctly) and got to work.

I now have two story ideas to work on. They sound so great in my head, but are currently looking sort of sad and limp and lifeless on paper. Of course, if I wrote more than "Novel Idea #1" along with a one-line synopsis, things might be looking better. Seriously, all this late-night writing and caffeine-fuelled mornings is making me think the National Novel Writing Month challenge will be fun! Isn't sleep for caffeine-deprived people anyway?

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